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10 Ideas for a Creative Date Night

September 19, 2015
10 Date Night Ideas with your spouse.


Since we are back to the weekly grind of school & afternoon activities I’m living for a Friday night date night with the hubs!  Whose with me?!?  Line up your babysitters …it’s Friday Night!   At least once a month Friday night is set aside for me and the hubs.  Now in-between our busy schedules a free Friday night is like finding a four-leaf clover.  Gotta grab it and put it to good use!  Friday Date Night is a time we re-introduce ourselves to each other and start the weekend off right.  Since we still have 3 little mouths to feed at home we are learning to be more cheap creative with our outings.  Here are some fun & inexpensive ideas to start a little rendezvous or get-away with your spouse.

 10 Cheap Creative Ideas for Date Night

1.  Find Local FUN

This summer we enjoyed Apex’s Finally Friday event.  It’s an event in downtown Apex where most of the businesses extend their hours so locals can hang out a little bit longer.  Plus, some restaurants  ran very good specials. We usually had dinner at our favorite spot, listened to music, bumped into neighbors, peeked into shops & hung out until bedtime.  This week Apex is hosting their annual Jazz Festival…..Lots of fun in downtown Apex…..Did you hear that Apex was voted #1 in Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live 2015”?

Mezza Luna Lavender Farm

When the season starts we plan on visiting the Mezza Luna Lavender farm right here in Apex.  Spending a quiet evening at the Lavender farm with a picnic dinner, gathering our lavender bundles indulging in homemade lavender ice cream…perfect, right? If you have never been to a Lavender Farm check out my post on Mezza Luna.

2. Front Porch…Table for 2

Did you see my Instagram post? Front porch sitting is my specialty!  I don’t have to dress up, wash my hair or put on my face…I can go au-naturale.  Our last front porch date involved a few appetizers from a local restaurant & some homemade margaritas. Good food on a beautiful summer night!

3. A Neighborhood Stroll

Nothing like a little stroll with your spouse right before the sun goes down.  Walking hand in hand & not worrying about children running & tripping in front of you.  If your kids are like mine I can never hold my Hubby’s hand since there is always a kid in between us blocking our way like a highway barricade.

4. Go the gym together…Lift, Laugh & Sip

Friday nights the gyms are pretty empty.  Everybody is out getting ready for their date night. Why not put that gym membership to good use & spend some time getting your workout in!  Lift, Laugh (usually my hubs is trying to make me laugh while I’m on the treadmill…dangerous!) & Sip.  We are fortunate that our gym has a nice café with yummy food so we can sneak away and grab a smoothie or sandwich.  If you don’t have a cafe at your gym then stop by your local smoothie or frozen yogurt shop and treat yourselves…..heck, you earned it!  (To make it even more cheap creative remember to grab one of those coupons floating around your junk drawer for your treat.)

5.  Visit you Local Art Museum

I love a good museum especially when it’s free. The N.C. Art Museum is a great place to pop in and enjoy the beautiful art work.  You can even take a cell phone tour with your spouse for free.  Before you head out for your date night check to see what time they close or even if they offer extended hours.  During certain seasons you never know what free concert or art show could be popping up at the museum.

Date Night at your favorite coffee house.

Wake Zone Espresso… night at your favorite coffee house.

6. Visit a Cool Coffee House

Stop by your favorite coffee-house & have a little evening coffee & a sweet treat.  Enjoy the ambience along with peace & quiet.  Perfect for a date night!  One of my favorite coffee houses in my area is the Wake Zone.  The Wake Zone has the best vibe in town plus they make the my favorite drink…a Mayan Mocha.  Who doesn’t like a chocolate drink on date night?!?


7. Food Truck Frenzy

Do your research ahead of time and find the closest Food Truck Rodeo or the next stop for your favorite truck.  It’ll be well worth it!  If it is close by jump into your car and race over to enjoy a night of comfort & full tummies.  Find a picnic bench or curb and chow down….nothing formal going on here on this date night.

8.  Grocery Store Escapade  

This might be a stretch, but go & visit the “nicer” grocery store with your hubs for date night.  You know the one that always has tasting stations? You know the one where you wouldn’t dare go in for your weekly grocery haul.  Check out the deli or the seafood counter….you might see something already prepared that you can treat yourselves, too.


Raven Rock State Park

View from Raven Rock State Park

9. A Heartfelt Hike

  Jump onto a hiking trail together (this might be more of a Friday day date versus night activity…safety first!).  Enjoy the scenery & the challenge of the trail.   Recently, we hiked Raven Rock as a family and had so much fun!  I would love to go back with the Hubs and explore the trail together.


10. Airport Daydreams

Does your local airport have an observation park?  We have the RDU Observation Park where I use to take the kiddos to watch the airplanes fly overhead.   However, wouldn’t it be nice to sit there with your spouse in the early evening, mug of hot chocolate in hand & watch the planes fly over head while the sun sets?  You can enjoy each other & dream of your next getaway…..a dreamy date night.


I hope you enjoyed some of our cheap low-budget date night ideas.  Now since school is back in session and schedules have picked up what do you have on your Friday night Date Night docket?  Please share, can’t wait to see how cheap creative you can be!

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  • FabEllis September 21, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    It’s great to see another NC native in the group! I used to live in Raleigh so I always took advantage of the free events in the area. Love the ideas you listed! I especially love the tips about visiting a local museum and coffee shop. That’s a great way to give back to your city/state and have fun!

    • All Inspired Mom September 21, 2015 at 7:19 pm

      Yay for NC! Thank you so much for stopping by A.I.M.! Lots of fun stuff going on in Raleigh! 😉