$10 DIYs

Scrappy “C”

January 28, 2015

Does anyone out there have cabinets full of leftover junk craft stuff?  Sometimes in my life this is a good thing when I get bored and I want to create.  Or it comes in handy when my kids need to make something for school or need extra supplies.  However, my craft cabinets look like I should be hosting a craft party or working for our local craft store.   All that said I came across this Letter C I found a long time ago in the Target Dollar section.  I needed something monogrammed to go in my office and wanted to create something fast.  So here is my special craft equation I used for this baby…..

Cheapy Cardboard Letter + Leftover Scrapbook Paper + Glue Gun = Fast & Cute Craft.

Letter C + Scrap Paper + Glue Gun =  Crafy Deco

Finished letter C

Next time I think I would have modge podged this baby down just to make it last a little longer & give it a little shine.

Is there anything you have created licky split from the leftover junk crafts that you have in your home?

Can’t wait to hear from you & be inspired by your creations!


Best wishes,


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