About Me

January 7, 2015

Hi, I’m Tiffani! I am a busy Mom, like all of you, who is learning to take every moment as inspiration and use it to fulfill my passions, channel my creativity and to celebrate the moments and people around me. I am married to my Super Hubby and we are raising our 3 energetic kiddos.  I am currently a SAHM but “back in the day” I was a School Counselor……. a job which I loved! As a School Counselor I always appreciated the quote “before you take care of someone else you must first take care of yourself “. Everyday I am learning how to do this and being inspired by my  faith, my family & friends, the amazing blogs I come across and the opportunities that life presents.  I enjoy simple DIY projects, easy-peasy recipes, fun & budget friendly activities with my family along with trying new things that remind me that I am more than just a “Mommy”.   I am so happy you stopped by A.I.M. and I hope we can share in inspiring each other to live our lives with passion, joy & strength.

Best Wishes,