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Burlap Cuties!

January 28, 2015

I love any DIY that is easy peasy and only requires a couple of materials.  I had these 6 inch squares sitting in my back shelf forever and was having the hardest time trying to come up what to do with them.  I found them on clearance at Michaels for an affordable price.  I am sure no more than 5 buckaroos.  I was going through that “I love me some burlap” phase so I had to snatch them up.  Came across this cute burlap creation on Pinterest by Krystal’s Kitsch and really liked her method.  Thought I would try it on my burlap cuties.

First thing I needed was a sophisticated & fancy stencil. Hmmm, where to look?  Shazam!  I found one in my kid’s crayon box stash!  There was a handful of cardboard stencils and this one had a really neat pattern.  Heck, who would know that it came from one of those kiddies craft kits…hee, hee!  I grabbed my favorite Sharpie, scotch tape & kiddie stencil and went to work.  Viola, finished product.  Hmmmm…..it needed one more thing.  I had some upholstery nails just hanging around.  You know don’t we all?!?  They actually came in a nail kit of The Hubs so I thought I would swipe them plus he wouldn’t be using them anyway.  Hung those babies on the wall with my letter C and I was good to go.

Kids Craft Stencil & Sharpies....cheap DIY

Kids Craft Stencil & Sharpies….cheap DIY!  I just colored in the stencil with a couple of sharpies.


image (23)

Upholstery Nails that we never knew what to do with.


So easy!  Added the upholstery nails for accents.

So easy! Added the upholstery nails for accents.


C + Burlap Squares

I love the way it accents my letter C.


Has anything inspired you lately to create something that you are loving?  Would love to hear from you!


Best wishes,


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