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Butter Braid Goodness

April 14, 2015

Butter Means Love



Okay, maybe butter doesn’t mean love in your eyes, but in mine it means yummy goodness…. in moderation, of course.  I say this because I came across a delicious treat called a Butter Braid through a school fundraiser.  This Butter Braid thing was new to me, but when I heard butter + pastry I was hooked.  The Butter Braid’s website boasts of a “homemade appearance & taste” while using “quality products; flour, sugar & butter”.  After trying this special treat I am a believer that all this is true! 🙂

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I ended up ordering the Strawberry Cream Cheese since my kiddos never turn down anything with strawberry filling. However, flavors ranged from Apple, Cherry, Double Chocolate, Blackberry & lots more.  I am not a baker nor chef, but I believe if you serve this treat to your guests they might believe you are.

 The Butter Braid was super easy to prepare & the directions were simple enough to understand.   Thaw, let dough rise, (a phenomenon in my house since my munchkins had never seen this process.  LOL!)  25 min. bake time, cool, drizzle icing & eat!  Easy-peasy!


The pastry came out light, fluffy & buttery!  (I’m drooling just thinking about it!)  The strawberry & cream cheese filling in the Butter Braid was delicious, sweet & creamy.


My only sad tale to this buttery dish is that I wish I had ordered 3 or 4 more to serve on holidays or to guests….or just to myself with a cup of my favorite coffee! 🙂  The Butter Braid comes frozen so you can keep & serve whenever you are ready.

Based on the Butter Braids website they mainly cater to fundraising, but there is a link on the Home page where you can “Find Your Dealer” in the area.  Yes, ya’ll…it is that serious & cross your fingers you have someone in your neck of the woods to sell this goodness to you.  If you do come across a Butter Braid in your lifetime my advice to you is to quickly pull out your wallet & scoop up as many as you can…you’ll be glad you did!

Has anyone out there tried this yummy goody or have you come across a special treat that you purchased & are still dreaming of?  Would love to hear from you!

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