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Carpool Diaries: The Power of “Will”

August 25, 2015
The Power of "I Will"

(Another Carpool Diaries post aka: “Things that cross my mind while sitting in the carpool line.” O’ Snap, I just wrote a rhyme!?!  Sorry, keep reading.)

Two Simple Words

Do you ever feel like everyone around you is transitioning & you are in a state of limbo?

I’m about to get “real” with you guys…..that small window between the end of summer & back to school is the time when I feel this the most.  I am so busy creating a smooth transition for my children that sometimes I don’t put the energy into my own transition.  Anyone else with me?  At times busily creating mindless projects & tasks instead of working on the “hard stuff” (ex: completing my professional development, strategically decluttering our house, or even posting constitently to this blog).

The act of transitioning can be tough because I allow my procrastination and my “good intentions” to take over.  Am I the only one?  I cause myself to be in limbo just floating through “good intentions”, rewriting to-do lists & saying to myself  ”I’ll get to it later”.  I found myself becoming too comfortable in uncertainity.

However, this time around I’ve vowed to take control committing myself to using two simple, yet powerful words,

I Will”.

 “I Will” can..

These two words (I) symbolizing ownership & (Will) symbolizing action are words when put to purpose can:

~ Lead us in a new direction or rescue us from an unwanted situation.

~ Be the catalyst to create, to change or to build.

~ Evoke strength & commitment to ourselves & to others.

~ Turn transition into progress.

~ Step out of bad habits & open ourselves up to new & healthy practices.

~Give us the momentum & drive to move further.

Commit to your “I Will”

Sometimes I forget that one’s Will is a strong force that we all have within us.  Opening the door to your “I Will” shuts down the “maybes”, “sometimes”, “I can’ts” or “I’m not capable”.  How many good opportunities are passing us by because we haven’t called up on our inner Will?  How many times have we stayed in “limbo” or transition because we haven’t made that commitment to ourselves?  The two words “I Will” can be a powerful catalyst to something new.  If any of this has struck a chord with you then it’s time that we commit to ourselves and call upon our Will to move out of transition & to get things done.

I hope my personal journey of understanding my inner “I Will” will help you power through your moments of transition coming out stronger, accomplished & better self-aware.


As a parent have you found yourself stuck in limbo because you haven’t called on your Will to push you forward & get things done?

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  • Jamie @ Medium Sized Family September 3, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    I’m definitely guilty! Lately I am trying to be intentional about doing the hard stuff at least once per day. Then I can look back on my day with satisfaction. Very interesting post!

    • All Inspired Mom September 9, 2015 at 2:19 am

      Jamie, what great advice! Jumping into the hard stuff first is a good way to tackle the day. I’m guilty of doing the easy stuff first, but I’m always more proud of when I have finished something that has been difficult. I will start practicing your rule…thank you so much for stopping and take care! 🙂