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Cary Creative Center…..Making Art Not Waste

May 27, 2015


Do you ever get all giddy inside when you stumble on something that you know is going to bring you joy today & for days to come?!?

This happened to me over the past weekend when taking my kiddos to find supplies for a school project.  My older guy had to put together a presentation about Ohio along with creating a float using our wagon.  (Pretty cool idea!  Can’t claim that it is mine.  It’s a tradition our school has been putting on for a couple of years now.)  So, before I headed over to the big box stores for poster board, letters & stickers, etc. I thought I would try something new.  A couple of awesome ladies in my life had told me about Cary Creative Center (C3 for short), an art supplies reuse center in our neighborhood.  This was a perfect time to check it out!

Cary Creative Center is located in the Cary Town Center right next to the carousel.  (If you are a Triangle Mom I am sure you or your kids know where the carousel is.  Don’t we all love a good carousel ride?!?)  When we all walked in, honestly, I didn’t know where to start looking.  There was so many great art & craft supplies plus antiques throughout the store.  The beauty of this shopping experience is knowing that C3 provides donated arts & crafts supplies items then sells them to support art programs and reduce landfill waste.  To think that all of these amazing art supplies could have gone into a landfill is frightening to me.  C3 is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to “inspires creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.”


image (12)

Look at all the fun waiting for us! There was even a station where the kiddos can make thank you cards for our troops for Memorial Day.

I walked in and each inch of the store was divided up into different organized sections so you could easily shop through and find what you needed.  We were greeted by, Betsy Dassau, the Executive Director of C3.  She was so friendly & helpful and gave my son some great suggestions on what he can use to decorate his state float.

As a Mom and an amateur crafter/planner girl/ journal lover/stationery addict I was in a crafters dream!  Shelves of paints, markers, stationery, labels, scrapbook items, stickers, containers had me at “hello“….now that was just one section!  Here are few pics of a couple of sections of the store…


image (7)

Great supplies & perfect for our school project! 🙂

image (8)

image (9)

Sometimes you need a little box or two…perfect place to pick up one. Lots of different sizes. 🙂


image (20)

Scrapbook Finds! 🙂




image (19)

Look at these oldies, but goodies! My kids mouth’s dropped open when I showed them the 8-track cassette tape. LOL! 🙂




Fabrics, sewing patters & lots & lots of buttons and embellishments.

image (21)

Party supplies! (My kids enjoyed the cardboard tubes on the right hand side….can you say, “lightsabers & sword fights”…Moms of boys raise your hands please! 🙂

Imagine instead of going to a big box store and having to purchase a huge pack of construction papers, labels or paints  you can instead walk into C3 and pick out those items for just pennies.  There were so many donated items that you could find here for just a buck or two.  I was also surprised to see all the bins of stamps and ink pads along with the rows and rows of yarns and fabrics.  In addition there was entire section of working sewing machines in the front of the store where you can practice your sewing skills.  (Unfortunately, I don’t know how to work a sewing machine, but am hoping to return to C3 to learn how.)

image (11)

More fabrics!


image (10)

These stamps just made me SO happy! 🙂



I have been known to post pics of my big box store hauls, but I want you to take a look at my C-3 haul…..so proud to show this one…..



image (15)

A “Win-Win”….fun stuff for me & supplies for my son’s float project! 🙂



I urge you if you live in the Triangle area to hop on over to Cary Creative Center and check out the goodies they are carrying.  Or if you a crafter and are purging your shelves think about donating your items to C3 to bring new life to your supplies.  C3 not only accepts donations, sells art supplies, but they also offers adult and children’s classes during the week.  Take a look at their class schedule here on their website.  How about weekly Pinterest Nights…FUN, yup they do that there!

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I really do appreciate the “giving back” mission Cary Creative Center.  Their goal of helping us think differently about reusing while at the same time encouraging creativity without limits is important for our children’s generation & the next generation to come.   C3 is a program that I believe is a beneficial part of our community that allows access and exposure to the arts while at the same time reducing the cost of waste removal and improving the quality of our environment.  This is a win-win in my book.

Have you ever been to an art reuse resource center?  Or have you found something that you chose to reuse in your art or crafting experience that inspired you to think outside of the box?

 Thank you so much for stopping by A.I.M!


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  • Jen May 27, 2015 at 11:39 am

    What a jewel to find. Definitely sharing with my RDU mom’s.

    • All Inspired Mom May 27, 2015 at 1:18 pm

      Super fun place! Thank you for sharing this treasure & thank you SO much for stopping by A.I.M.! 🙂