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DIY Floral & Burlap Journal

February 11, 2015

DIY Floral & Burlap Journal


I just happened to be roaming through Michaels today and came across an aisle full of burlap beauties!  Canvases, gift tags, frames and journals….oh, my!  Then there were burlap accessories…don’t get me started on that.  🙂  Since I have a slight obsession with burlap I had to stop by and see this show.  A 6×8 burlap journal was calling my name and I knew I had to snatch it up and find some crafty swag to make it my own.   Those of you Crafty Mama’s out there know that you can get lost for days in Michaels so I had to stay focused!   I went back to the scrapbook section and found a whole wall of paper floral embellishments in tons of colors.  I choose a set of burgundy & peach that I thought would be go nicely with the color of the journal.  I have to share that when these suckers go on clearance I do my best to swipe ’em up.  Michaels always has a nice selection of the scrapbooking flowers & they look great on stationary or anything that needs a little pop.

Just before I made it to the register you know I gotz to go to the “Dollar-Dollar” aisle as I call it.  This is where you can find the best of the best embellishments, stationary, pens, pouches, etc.  I practiced self-control & a lot of positive self-talk and only picked up one set of rhinestone stickers.

image (28)

6×8 Burlap Journal….$4.89


image (30)

$2.49 for 6 embellishments….did you notice the butterflies, too.

image (27)

Rhinestone stickers…$1.50

  Without tax the total spent was $8.88.  Plus, I had a 25% coupon.  Not too shabby!  I did hot glue the flowers down along with the rhinestone even though there were stickers on the back.  I didn’t want any of my pretty bling to be falling off this new beauty.  I enjoyed this little project.  Honestly, it only took me about 20 minutes to knock it out.  Simple and fun!   This would be a nice journal to give as a gift or to use as a gratitude or daily devotional journal.

Have you created something recently that is simple, fun and cheap?  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Best wishes,


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