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Family Fun with Jell-O Jigglers

April 20, 2015


Jell-O Jigglers Space Theme Mold Kit



  The start of our weekend was filled with sunshine & soccer, but then by Sunday afternoon rain & dark clouds had come our way.    Soccer tournaments and games were cancelled, so now I had 3 munckins running around ready to start their own soccer game in my kitchen.  Argh!!  I had to find something to put the “stop” on the mayhem.  During the week my dear cousin gave us a Jell-O Jigglers Mold Kit that she found at Wal-Mart.  Kids love to make jello, eat jello &, if there anything like mine, they try to eat it with their hands.  This would be a perfect family fun time activity that everyone could get it on.

The Jell-O Jigglers was a space theme kit that I knew all my kiddos would enjoy.  It came with one Space Mold Tray, one 6 oz. box of Berry Blue Jell-O and one 6 oz. box of Lemon Jell-O.  The directions read just like the regular directions to making Jell-O….add boiling water, stir & let sit in fridge for 3 hours.  The only difference was when using the mold I needed to spray each section of the tray with cooking spray.    

Here are a few pics of jiggly process…


Jigglers Kit comes with 1 mold tray & 2 boxes of Jello (berry & lemon.)


Make your Jell-O then pour into the molds.

image (58)

Ready to chill!


With a little jiggling out the mold tray they came out perfectly!

Even though the directions asked you to wait 3 hours until firm I left them in the fridge overnight.  I figured this would give them more time to set so I wouldn’t have any problems taking them out the mold.  Removing from the mold wasn’t as tricky as I thought.  The directions called for the tray to sit in warm water for 15 seconds then turn over on plate & shake out……or should I say “jiggle” out.  I had to shake quite a bit to get these bad boys loose, but they popped right out…easy-peasy!


My kids are looking forward to having these as an after-school snack. 🙂

The kids can’t wait to try other flavors & colors with the mold trays.  If you were having a children’s Space or Astronaut theme party these would be perfect snacks for little hands.

 Fun Fact:  Did you know that you can make Glowing Jigglers?!?  Dissolve 1 pack of Jello-O in 3/4 boiling water then stir in 1/2 cup of tonic water.  These molds will glow under a flourescent black party light.  Wow!  Who knew?!?  I found this recipe on the back of the Jigglers box.  I wish I had peeped this before because my kiddos would have loved this….hmmm…maybe next time.  

The Jello-Jigglers were a lot of fun for my kids and I to make.  Yummy treats & fun family time….Perfect! 🙂  

Have you and your family had a fun activity that you whipped up on a rainy day that you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear from you!  Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by A.I.M.!  🙂

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