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Get to Steppin’: 5 Tips to Step Over Your Fear

January 23, 2016

Confession….It has been a while since I’ve even have a put a word down to this blog…ok, I’ll just keep it real I haven’t been anywhere near this blog. Not that I haven’t enjoyed it or loved it, but I’ve let FEAR get in the way. That four letter word that we all have & hate to admit. Fear of putting the work in, fear of not being perfect, fear of not succeeding…I could go on & on.

I’ve had to do some true reflection & work “on me” to determine how I was going to “get out of stuck” & step over my fear. Have you ever been in “stuck mode” on a project, a goal, a relationship, etc. and allowed your fear to take control and get in the way?

Over the last couple of months I found myself there & through some self-reflection have learned what I need to do get up & out. Full disclosure…it is a work in progress, but here are 5 things thatI’ve learned that maybe will help you on your journey of stepping forward “out of stuck” & moving past your fear.

Get to Steppin'-5 Tips to Stepping Over Fear

1. Get to Steppin’

Get to Steppin’“…..something I sometimes say to my kiddos when I need them to get to work (homework, clean your room, hurry to practice…you know what I mean). I’ve learned that (& this might be the hardest part)  just to start & step forward on whatever we are working towards will push our fear back. Don’t think, don’t analyze just “step”. In order to begin you have to get out of your head and let your body fall into that moment of completing an action. No matter how big or small that step or action is just jump in and begin.

2.  Getting back to creative.
All these years I’ve had creativity all wrong. I thought it had to be something elaborate or jaw dropping or unique to be considered to be creative. Heck, that’s not true at all! Creativity comes in  any form from creating a beautiful piece of art to building a cabinet, to organizing your children’s playroom, setting the table for a family meal, rearranging furniture, developing a system to do laundry, etc. I’ve come to recognize that if we allow the fear & judgement to get in the way we put limits on what creativity is. We are creative everyday & if we acknowledge that we can be good……heck, we can be great! Whatever your “creative gene” is give it a name & put it into practice.

3. Willpower is a Muscle

Willpower is a muscle that has to be worked & strengthened.  I used to complain that I have no “willpower” against sugar, against getting to the gym (although, I love kickbox, running & Zumba), staying focused to write a post, etc.  It was my defense to giving into the fear & I was holding onto that defense like a 2-year-old with their tattered baby blanket at naptime.  Willpower will not appear magically one must practice & put it into play with what you want to accomplish.

Building that willpower muscle will allow you to power over your fear“.….I say this to you in my best Wonder Woman stance – with hands on hips. 

4. Give Yourself A Gold Star

Finishing a task, completing a goal gives you energy and power that can subside the fear. Fear is always with us we just have to choose how we are going to manipulate it.  From fixing a beautiful meal for your family, to cleaning out your car, to writing that first paragraph to a book you’ve always wanted to write.  Getting it done feels good!  That high of accomplishment is important and we need to acknowledge it because whatever energy, motivation or stick-to-it-ive-ness we used then we can transfer it to the next task.  Go ahead and give yourself a “gold star” even if it is for folding all the laundry in the house & putting it away! (However, my children’s laundry is staring me down something fierce!)


Give yourself permission to DREAM & don’t feel guilty doing it.  Dream & write (truly pen to paper) down your dreams & let them grow in you.  Write your dreams for yourself (do you first!), your family, your faith, etc.  Vision board it, list it, put it in  your journal whatever you do to put those Dreams in front of you do it because one of these days those dream will turn into your reality.  A year ago I began writing this blog hoping that somehow I can work towards keeping my dream of working from home.  I never realized that within that year I would become a small business owner, work from home  and have the opportunity to connect daily with other amazing momprenuers building their business.    

Girl, DREAM & then do!  Things will happen!


Have you had a “Get to Steppin’” moment in your life recently where you found you had to get “out of stuck” & step over fear to move forward? Did you come out stronger? Please feel free to share so we can inspire each other.


Thank you so much for taking the time to stop on by A.I.M. Let’s stay connected, inspire each other & continue to find joy in our journey.


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