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“I Love You Because….” Valentine Station

February 7, 2015

 I Love You note

Are you ready for the big day?  Surprisingly, we here are ahead of the game and have finished most of our Valentine cards for school.  Now that is a huge shocker because there have been years when my kiddos are busily filling out their cards the night before….UGH!!!  As I was looking at all the cards I realized that I hadn’t done anything special for my kiddos.  We don’t really have any huge V-day traditions….well, besides me scarfing down any leftover chocolates the kids bring home.  Honestly, my fav candy holiday is Easter, but we will get to that at a later time.  Shout out to Cadbury Eggs!  Already spotted some in the store yesterday!

I digress….apologies.  I wanted to create a V-day tradition where we could all write messages of love and appreciation for each other.   (Um, I am not a perfect Mommy so I know how this new tradition is gonna roll but I’ll take my chances.)  I do like writing little notes of encouragement and still occasionally will put notes in my kids lunch boxes.    I came across this easy-peasy V-day envelope pattern here at  Lookie What I Did.  This really inspired me to start my new V-day tradition or try to start.   It caught my eye because it had my two favorite things…. Felt & a Glue Gun!   I was so excited to whip this puppy together that I didn’t take pics of the process. Ugh!!  Next time I won’t get so wrapped up in my “felt obsession”…sorry, folks!    A huge shout out to Lookie What I Did for sharing her Valentine Envelope pattern.

Here is the Valentine Envelope I created along with our new “I Love You Because….” Valentine Station.

Vday Station

Did you notice my DIY Dollar Store LED felt flower candles? Thought I would put them to good use. Plus the flashing colors from the candles might attract my kiddos over to the station & put them in a writing trance….maybe not?




Vday Note

The little red & black heart container I had sitting around fit perfectly with our Valentine envelope. Plus it holds & hides the notecards and pens needed.


Although, there are just a few more days ’til the Day of Love I am going to see if my fam can write some beautiful love & appreciation notes for each other.  Who knows they might even enjoy it….crossing my fingers!  🙂

Do you have any special Valentine family traditions that you and your family celebrate?

 Please share I’d love to hear from you!

Best wishes,


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