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I Was Nominated For The Liebster

September 25, 2015
Liebster Award,

Bloggers Paying It Forward

Recently I was nominated for the Liebster by Sarah over at The Hot Mess Kitchen. (Every time I say the name of her blog it makes me laugh because my kitchen is truly that; however there are amazing things going on at Sarah’s.) Before we get to the Liebster let’s take a minute to visit The Hot Mess Kitchen. Sarah shares delicious recipes (can you say Garlic Parm Potatoes), tips & tricks in the kitchen & even parenting tips on how to travel with your kiddos. One of my favorite post has been “Coupon Burnout”. I keep trying to jump into the world of couponing, but have always felt so intimidated. Sarah has gone through some easy steps to take the work out of couponing while still being able to move through your daily routines. She has something for everyone over at The Hot Mess Kitchen and her honesty is refreshing…I mean she even did a post on how she melted her own pot?

What’s the Liebster?

The Liebster is an award challenge that gives other bloggers the opportunity to recognize new bloggers. It’s a time to shine your light on a new blog that has struck a chord with you. So, receiving this nomination is very humbling and reminds me how important it is for all of us to pay it forward. Thank you so much, Sarah, for sharing this opportunity with me! So, here how the fun works….Sarah at The Hot Mess Kitchen has given me 11 random questions to answer about myself. In turn I nominate 3 new bloggers and provide 11 new questions for them to answer. (Disclaimer:  My goal was to nominate 5 new bloggers, but I fell short.  I’m hoping to find those 2 new bloggers soon so I can add them to this nomination.) Drum roll, please…..the lucky Liebster nominees are:


Andrada and Ana over at LoveYourselfLoveYourFood are passionate about their food and believe in cooking from scratch in healthy, yet simple ways. From their powerhouse spicy veggie sandwich, to their banana oatmeal raisin cookies, to their grilled Mahi Mahi with asparagus and cherry tomatoes…there are dishes that will excite every type of palate. If you are looking for recipes that are flavorful and healthy then jump on over and check out these ladies.

Looking for some outfit inspiration, tips on how to dress confidently & stylish in your daily journey as a busy mother? Heather over at TheFashionDivaDiaries has created a platform where she uses her years of experience working in the fashion industry to inspire mothers. Providing fashion tips on how to keep on trend throughout the season from hair color, to the right type of jeans to even the print of your shoes she will have you prepared from play dates to the workplace.

Everyday-Creative is a blog where you will be inspired to find you’re your creative niche. Aleesha’s has used her blog to create a community where women can inspire each other to find their creative passions. Either through her Project 52 Photography challenge, her tutorial on how to run a neighborhood food drive, to easy-peasy recipes and my favorite the DIY Canvas Art & Night Light ….you will walk away ready to create everyday!

Let the Liebster challenge begin!

Here are the questions that Sarah shared with me in order to learn a little more about All Inspired Mom.

#1 – Name a time when you danced and got caught when you thought no one was looking. What happened next?
Oh, man! I’m always dancing around my house so not even my kids are surprised anymore.

#2 – Why did you name your blog what you did? I know the reasons why, but others may not.
Before I started blogging I was always telling friends how much I loved reading blogs & how inspired I was by them. So, when I started to jump in on the fun I knew it was going to have something to do with me being a Mom, my parenting journey and being inspired by other people’s journey. All Inspired Mom came to be….plus it ended up to have a cool acronym…A.I.M…keeps it positive!

#3 – If there were one opportunity that you were given in your lifetime that would just knock your socks off, what would it be and why?
I’d love to write a sponsored blog post to an exotic destination where I can take my family and wow them!

#4 –  Why did you start blogging?
A year ago I was addicted to reading blogs. I’d jump out of bed early mornings grab my coffee and scroll through my favorite blogs. Learning new tips and tricks or being inspired by someone’s parenting journey. Before I was a blogger & a SAHM I was a School Counselor so I was always talking to parents and working together to find solutions. I missed the community & learning that my previous job had provided & was seeking it in my blog-obsessed mornings. A sweet friend (the amazing Sherri D.) turned to me one day & said, “You can do that.” All I needed was a push forward and I was off.

#5 – Favorite season of the year and why.
Summer, honey! I love the freedom of being outside in the sun…it just makes everything feel so much better. Plus, when the kids are out of school I feel like I can really connect with them more because we are out exploring, riding bikes or hanging out playing soccer. However, as I get older this N.C. heat is getting to me.

#6 – If your blog had a hairstyle, what would it look like?

So funny!  It would have a high top knot messy bun…..pretty much my everyday style.

#7 – Imagine you can see in to the future. What do you see?
In the future I see myself continuing to raise my 3 kiddos as a SAHM rushing them off to their games and activities. Still blogging and making sure I’m in a place where it still brings me joy and it doesn’t feel like work. Also, I’d imagine myself attending more blogging conferences and connecting with other bloggers.

#8 – What was the last movie you watched, whether it had been on TV or at a movie theater?
Z is for Zachariah…..the ending left me like, “what?!?”

#9 – What is your response to the “Pumpkin Spice” phenomenon that happens every fall?
Good question! So, I’m a chocolate loving girl, but I have slowly fallen in love with Pumpkin Spice. I mean it is everywhere so I can’t avoid it.

#10 – Do you share your blog with anyone, or work at it alone?
No, just little old me for right now. Although, I’m always trying to get my close creative friends to jump in with me. I love working as a team!

#11 – Tell us about yourself without using the word “the” in any of your sentences. I got this from an English teacher who encouraged us to use a thesaurus.
Oh, my! Here we go….I am sweet-tooth, curly-haired, coffee-loving, kickboxing addict Momma with 3 busy kiddos. I’m married to an amazing retired soccer player & now coach. I love hanging out with my “Ya-Ya Sisterhood” (aka: my sweet friends) and am ready to dance at any family function. I dream of exotic family adventures, but local family excursions do just fine for now. Morphing from a School Counselor to a Blogger has been a journey that I have found to be enjoyable and exciting.

Now, let the Liebster Award Challenge continue….here are the 11 questions I am passing on to the new nominees…

#1 – If you had to write a hashtag for your life what would it be?

#2 – What old school fashion trend do you wish would make its way back around?

#3 – Best place you and your family ever traveled to?

#4- What is your guilty pleasure?

#5 – Where in your world do you find solace?

#6 – Who or what had been your biggest support system while you have been blogging & why?

#7 – If you were a Muppet which one would you be and why?  (I’d be Miss Piggy because she is just fabulous & has always made me happy!  Hee, hee!  Feel free to you use that one.)

#8  What are you most proud of?

#9  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

#10  Why do you blog?

#11  What song is qued up on your playlist right now?

I am so humbled to involved in the Liebster Award Challenge. The Liebster is a platform that showcases how the blogging community is such a collaborative and supportive niche. I’m happy to be a part of this community & I look forward to watching these blogs that I’ve nominated grow and support each other. Take some time to follow these amazing women at each of their blogs and see who they nominate for the next Liebster.

What was your favorite question I asked the nominees? Can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks so much for stopping by A.I.M.!

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