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Listers Gotta List!

April 10, 2015

Loving My Lists!


Folks, I am in love & I’m not talking about my Hubs. (Love you, babe! 😉 ) I am in love with the LISTERS GOTTA LIST April Challenge created by The Reset Girl on Instagram.  I came across this awesomeness a couple of weeks ago as I was oogling other IG user’s planners, washi tapes, journals, etc.  (Yes, I am a planner/paper nerd…I am okay with that!  LOL!)  

The LISTERS GOTTA LIST 30 day challenge is all about making lists based on creative & fun prompts that The Reset Girl has created.  Imagine journaling, scrapbooking & papercrafting all wrapped into one.  We make lists all day long why not make it fun?  Here’s what you do:

Step 1:  Do a dance because if you are like me you should be overly excited that there is a paper-loving community out there that speaks your language!  “Can you say washi, paper flags & binder clips?”  :)

Step 2:  Check out The Reset Girl’s Instagram & Youtube channel to learn more about this new adventure.

Step 3:  Visit www.listersgottalist.com to download the daily prompts & headers that The Reset Girl has created.

Step 4:  Gather your supplies…a journal, scrapbook paper, washi tape, stickers, stamps, glue sticks, colored pens, etc.

Step 5:  Make your list and start creating.

Step 6:  Now finish it off with another dance because you are on your way to 30 days of fun, no limits crafting!

Here are a couple of pics of my fav lists during this month’s challenge.  



image (53)

My journal came from the Dollar Spot at Target along with other supplies that came from Michaels and the DollarTree.


Being a paper hoarder I also love this challenge because I can use any of my saved scrapbook or planner supplies & I won’t have to drop a lot of cash to make something beautiful.  

As I shared in the beginning of this post I am in love with this challenge! Closing out each day with a 30 minute session of making my lists & creating my journal page has been very therapeutic.  Taking that time out for myself is an important reminder that the simple things in my life matter even if it is wrapped up in paper, stickers & glue.

So glad you stopped by for today’s blog post!  🙂  Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@all_inspired_mom) to see more of my pics from the LISTERS GOTTA LIST challenge.


PicMonkey Collage


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  • Erica April 11, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    I love making lists. These could also be great blogging prompts as well.

    • All Inspired Mom April 12, 2015 at 10:10 pm

      Definitely! Some of the prompts are humorous & then some of them really have you diging deep. They have been good topics of conversation with my Hubs and my girlfriends. It also gives me a chance to make lists that pertain to myself & not to my pantry or kiddos. LoL! Thanks so much for stopping by A.I.M. & take care! 🙂

  • Krayl @ An Appealing Plan April 13, 2015 at 10:57 pm

    WOW – I totally need to up my game. Heading to Staples + Michaels tomorrow for some new Springy desk gear!

    • All Inspired Mom April 14, 2015 at 12:48 am

      Sounds like a planner party to me! I love Michaels, but always forget to check out Staples. Good idea! Krayl, thanks so much for stopping by A.I.M.! Take care! 🙂