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Lovebug Valentine Box

February 2, 2015

The preparation for Valentine’s Days in our house can either be that of excitement for the goodies to come, stress because I am scrambling to buy classroom V-day cards or regret when I have bought the wrong candy to go with my munchkin’s cards.  “FUN DIP is better than HERSHEY KISSES, Mom!”, says my 3 kiddos…..shameful because in my eyes nothing is better than a good ol’ Hershey kiss!

However, I came across a V-day crafts that inspired me to try and share.   We all have endearing nicknames for our kiddos…”sweetie pie”, “sugar”, “baby”, “oh, no you didn’t!“…ok maybe not that one.  For my munchkins it is “Lovebug”.   I call my kiddos “lovebugs” especially when I am in a good mood and they haven’t gotten on my last nerve.  Argh!  When I found this cute Lovebug themed Valentine box decorating kit at Michaels by Craft Smith  I knew I had to get it for my daughter.  (Remember back in the day when we used to just bring in an old shoe box and cover it with construction paper or decorate a brown paper bag?  These kids these days just don’t know. 🙂 )   This kit was too cute and had a ladybug on it so I had to scoop it up.  It was priced at $5.99 so not to shabby.


Purchased this from Michaels for $5.99.

On an scale from 1-10 to assemble I gave it an 8.  It had 37 pieces and I just needed a glue gun to whip it together.  The instructions were very easy and even my munchkin could help fold the wings on the ladybug and place the stickers.  Now, the box I purchased (Yup, I bought a box from Target….shameful, I know.) was a bit too big but the kit still worked.  It turned out cute and my munchkin #2 loved it.

Here are some pics of the tools I needed to start the project and the end result.

(My crafting skills are still at the beginner’s level so please overlook any crumply edges. 🙂 )

image (11)

37 pieces inside including sturdy paper to wrap around my box.

image (14)

Yup, I should have used an old shoe box instead of buying one. Actually, I had to buy 3. Yikes! Found these at Target for about 3 bucks each.

image (10)

Tools needed…handy glue gun, scissors, tape and Xacto knife.

image (13)

This is why I needed the Xacto knife. My box was too big…..should have went with my old shoe box! :/

image (12)

Ta-da!  Yikes, you can see my box was a little too big!  Please ignore the corner edges.



Munchkin #2 really liked the flaps on the Ladybug. Underneath the flaps is the insert for V-day cards.


Here are two more Craft Smith V-day kits for munchkin #1 & #3 for their V-day boxes.  I do have to say these were fun to make and on a scale from 1-10 I gave both an 8.  I did use my nifty glue gun to put these bad boys together and it took about 20-30 mins for each.  These kits had a little more pieces than the ladybug kit but easy-peasy because the directions were simple.  The boys loved them especially because they were pretty big.  Check it out….


Not bad for $5.99 each from Michaels.

image (15)

These were fun to make…even my boys were surprised how big they came out.




Have you tried any V-day box kits or crafts that you and your family have really enjoyed?  Would love to hear from you!

 Best wishes,


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