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“Make it Happen” Was Right On Time!

August 28, 2015
"Make It Happen" by Lara Casey


Make It Happen

Have you ever read a book where you felt like the message was right on time?  This is the way Make It Happen by Lara Casey made me feel the minute I started reading it.  I found myself sneaking out to my front porch (because I’m a Southern girl & that’s where we find solace) with coffee in hand, kicking up my bare feet & delving in.  The messages in this book resonated with me so much that every time I read I armed myself with sticky notes, page flags, highlighters, pens, etc.   My “Make It Happen”  front porch class was in session….capacity of 1.

In this book Lara Casey, the author, openly writes about her journey through seeking perfection, cultivating her marriage, strengthening her faith & navigating motherhood all while trying to build a successful business. Her honesty & transparency were so refreshing.  There were many times I found myself gasping out loud or shaking my head in agreement or giving out a, “Go Girl“, when Lara would share her ups & downs of life.

Defining & living your purpose are running themes throughout  Make It Happen.  Lara writes about taking the steps to purge the mental & physical clutter in our lives in order to determine how we will live on purpose.   As a reader you take those difficult steps with her & find yourself rejoicing in her growth.  Throughout the book she shares how her strong faith in God helps her define what it means to be fulfilled and successful in life even when maneuvering through the world’s expectations.

Here comes my favorite part…….at the end of each chapter she gives a “Take Action” plan where the reader can self-evaluate, put the lessons into action & work their goals with intention.   To go through the journey & lessons with the author then to end each chapter with a working plan was encouraging to me & made the message more sustaining.

I highly recommend Make It Happen to any woman who wants to learn how to keep everything in balance (faith, family, work, etc.) & to live a joyful, purposeful life.    Lara Casey has allowed her reader to look behind the unfiltered scenes of her life to learn that happiness & fulfillment are attainable once you define what matters to you…..this is making it happen.

 Go out & scoop up your own copy of Make It Happen and check out the Make It Happen Powersheets that Lara has created to help you build specific action steps in meeting business & life goals.

The 2015 Illuminate Conference & Lara Casey


One more thing…remember  I mentioned how this book was right on time for me?  This October I will be attending the Vend Raleigh 2015 Illuminate Conference & guess who will be the keynote speaker… Lara Casey (so excited!).    Vend Raleigh is a professional organization for small business women, specially for Mompreneurs (mothers who are entrepreneurs).  This organization (which I am a proud member of) gives women an opportunity to connect & collaborate while being a resource to help build their businesses.  If you are a Mompreneur in the Raleigh area looking for a supportive environment where you can network and feel connected then please check out Vend Raleigh & join us at the 2015 Illuminate Conference.

What have you read recently that has been right on time in your life?

Can’t wait to hear from you…thank you SO much for stopping by!

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  • Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories August 31, 2015 at 1:24 am

    This looks like a fabulous book, I need to get my hands on it! Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you found some great posts to visit this week!

    • All Inspired Mom September 9, 2015 at 2:45 am

      Tanya, this book is awesome! I can’t believe that the author will be speaking at Illuminate this year. Loving the Small Victories Sunday linkup & very grateful for the pin! Thank you for stopping by and take care!