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Michaels Scrabble Haul

April 22, 2015

 Getting In Our Family Time….Scrabble© Style!




What were your favorite board games you remember playing as a kid?   UNO, Monopoly & Jeopardy (yes, there was a board game version of this back in the day.) were my favorites.  My kiddos enjoy playing board games, but sometimes our schedules are so crazy it is hard to get the entire family together.  This issue is on my Gotta Work On That list & I am determined to implement some family “game-time” into our schedule.  



Pencils…$1.50, Journals..$1.00, Mug..$2.50, Pen…$1.50 & Bandages…$1.50 Total: $8 Not bad! 🙂

During one of my many adventures to Michaels I came across some “game-time” tools that would help me bring my family together.  In the Dollar Bins at Michaels (ours are in the coveted space in front of the store…you know where that is!)  there was a small Scrabble© theme section.  Mugs, journals, pencils, pens and even band-aids.  Whoop, whoop….I got it…our next family “game-time” would be an evening of playing Scrabble©.  (Now we have played Scrabble© before & I am awful at it.  My husband can play it with his eyes closed & my 3 munchkins they aren’t too bad for beginners.)   I picked up 3 journals each had different words on the cover in scrabble fashion, of course….”Love, Live & Laugh”,  “Notes Thoughts”, “Jot Journal”.  These would be perfect for my kiddos to use to tally and calculate their points. I also picked up 2 packs of 6 pack Scrabble© pencils.  Each had a different word such as “create”, inscribe” or “jot”.  However, the best thing about these pencils is that they were already sharpened out of the package.  Sigh!  If you are a Mama you know a nicely sharpened pencil is hard to come by when you need it.  🙂  Of course, I had to pick up the matching bubble pin with the word “write” printed on the side.  Cute!  This section was packed with goodies!  I also snagged a monogrammed “C” mug & Scrabble© themed band-aids…yup, we actually were out of them at home.  Here’s a quick peek of the goodies, again….



I love the Scrabble layout on each of these journals.




I did tell you the pencils came “sharpened”?!? Hee, hee! Loving that. The “C” monogram & the “3” fit me perfect…Campbell + 3 kids…wow! 🙂




Can bandages be any more fun? 🙂




We already have a very nice Scrabble© Deluxe Edition board I picked up a year ago at ToysRUs.  It is a nice travel game because it opens up as a large game board, swivels around and closes up so you can carry it back and forth.  This Deluxe Edition also has 2 drawers that hold game pieces and anything else.  The Scrabble journals & pencils I purchased will fit nicely in the second drawer.


I can’t wait for the weekend to try this “game time” idea on my family.  The kids like a little competition and I know they will love the new Scrabble themed goodies they’ll get as incentive to keep playing.  Since my kids are 11, 9 & 7 I was looking online for variations of play.  Honestly,  this is so the 11-year-old doesn’t crush his siblings or becomes bored and wants to do something else.  I came across a couple of sites I wanted to share that I thought were helpful…..

1.   Hasbro’s Scrabble Tips & Tricks

2.  Hasbro’s Scrabble Dictionary & Word Builder…..I will be using this one for myself.

3.  Word Play…great site that gives more information on the academic benefits of Scrabble©.  Building math & vocab along with spelling practice.


One more thing….what’s “game time” without a favorite sweet treat to share?  The amazing House of Fauci’s blog shares a delicious “M&M Inspired Brownie Domino Treat” recipe for your family fun time.  If you love games & sweets, like myself, then you have to check out this brownie-goodness.  🙂

What games are your family enjoying these days during your family time?  Can’t wait to hear from you!  

Thanks so much for stopping by A.I.M.!  

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