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Our Sweet Lavender Farm Getaway

June 9, 2015



Don’t you love a weekend when you can find a local surprise right around the corner from you?!? This a weekend a dear friend of mine introduced me to a local treasure, Mezza Luna Lavender Farm, a family owned farm that is opened to the public during the last week of May through the first week of June.  It was about a 10 minute drive from my house…..win-win! 🙂  We packed up our girls and drove out to experience this first hand and, hopefully, bring back some sweet-smelling lavender flowers.

Mezza Luna Lavender Farm is truly an experience that you have to take in.  Rows and rows of sweet-smelling lavender welcome you as you enter the farm.  I am new to the whole lavender experience so it was amazing to see all the different types of lavender plants that were growing.


I loved to see the different names of the lavender plants, but also to see how the appearance differed from each one.





More lavender! 🙂





“Impress Purple” Lavender…beautiful!

Not only are you greeted by beautiful plants, but the clean white farm-house and covered seating makes a relaxing back drop to the lavender fields.


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To start our experience we checked in at the farm-house to orient ourselves  to where we should begin.  There is no fee to enter the farm all you need is your sun hat, your senses and working hands to clip. (I have to say Mezza Luna has given a great gift to the public to allow us to enter in for free & enjoy this sweet-smelling treasure.)  We each wanted to pick bundles to take home and enjoy.  The fee was $10 to pick and we were given a rubber band to hold our bundles and a pair of shears to begin our journey.  You could also purchase already picked bundles for $12 if you just wanted to sit back and enjoy the experience.  These bundles would make lovely gifts along with the other lavender soaps and sachets that were sold at the farm-house.




Didn’t get a close up, but imagine gorgeous handmade soaps & beautifully handcrafted lavender sachets all looking for a nice home. So hard to resist! 🙂



We took our girls out to the field and began clipping.   Check out our pics…..



Look at the Mommy & Daughter moment…sniff, sniff. No brothers to ruin it for us. Love this! 🙂



My little cutie pies…my daughter & my god-daughter having a fun & giggly time. Hmmm….just like their mommies! 🙂


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Hello, Coconut Tee! You had me at “coconut”. 🙂



During our visit we even saw the owner, Lourdes Santos,  with her gorgeous hat and beautiful basket clipping away.  She was so nice and pleasant and even let me snap a pick with her.  Again, I have to say…what a gift she and her family are giving to our community! 



The owner was SO nice to pose for a pic. I was just running my mouth as we posed….so excited & having a wonderful time! 🙂


After all or our hard work we went back to the farm-house and purchased our goodies to take home along with our bundles.  Of course, we had to take part in the lavender infused ice cream made by Raleigh local, Fresh Local Ice Cream !  Mezza Luna provides the lavender that goes into the ice cream.  Clipping lavender in the hot sun followed up with a bowl of ice cream….perfect day!

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I also purchased short bread lavender cookies that were buttery and yummy.  Perfect for my little god-daughter’s hands & just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Along with my lavender bundle I also bought two handmade lavender sachets.  These sachets would be perfect in my home office, nightstand or even in my car.



Lavender bundles, sweet treats & fragrant sachets…..love it! Don’t you just love the clever & creative Mezza Luna labels that are attached to our rubber bands!?! 🙂


Our girls had such a good time helping to clip our lavender bundles.  Being treated with cold sweet ice cream & buttery cookies almost topped the afternoon off right.  However, to end our trip on an even bigger high for these little cutie pies was that they were able to have a little pampering at the kid’s table near the farm-house.  Mezza Luna Lavender Farm knows how to entertain the kiddos that come to visit…face painting, snail hunting, clothes pin painting, nail painting and lots more are offered.  (Did I mention that this is another FREE event while you are there.)   There were also games of corn hole and other table games going on if you needed to take a break and were feeling a bit competitive.  Our girls heard that kids could have their nails painted purple (their favorite color) so they rushed over and picked their glittery purple shade.  A very nice young lady working the kid’s table patiently worked on their tiny hands and viola……..Lavender Sparkles!


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Mezza Luna Lavender Farm is a place I am definitely going to put on my list of family of excursions (hmmm…date night with the Hubby sounds good, too) for next season.   The atmosphere of the lavender farm is welcoming and relaxing, while the plants are beautiful and fragrant.  This family business has done a superb job in bringing a new experience like this to our community that leaves one with sweet memories and hopes to return soon.

If you’d like to learn more about Mezza Luna Lavender Farm please take a minute to visit their FB page or their Pinterest board.  I love all the lavender “Projects To Try” board on their Pinterest!

Have you been to a locally owned farm or business recently that you fell in love with?  Would love to hear from you!  Thank you so much for stopping by A.I.M.!

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  • Dana @queenofmycastle3.blogspot.com June 10, 2015 at 9:53 am

    Thanks for the wonderful tour! Do you know why the very limited season of the lavender farm? Hope to visit but have to plan way out for sure.


    • All Inspired Mom June 10, 2015 at 10:53 am

      Mezza Luna is offering one more afternoon (this Friday from 2:00-6:00) for the public. I was a bit sad, too, that it wasn’t open up longer. Keep checking their FB maybe they will have a few pop up openings. Crossing my fingers! 🙂 I’m just going to have to keep this on my calender for next year. Thank you SO much for your kind workds & for stopping by A.I.M.! Take care! 🙂