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Our Thanksgiving Holiday with Food & Dance

November 19, 2015


Making Thanksgiving Memories with Food, Family & Dance.

Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays.  Food, family, laughter & more food.  Although, the prep time for the holidays can be a bit stressful it is worth the hustle & bustle.  Prepping your kitchen, cleaning your house, making sure kids are washed, dressed & warned to be on their best behavior….after those things are done then my favorite part comes.

Spending time with our family, reminiscing on years past, and gushing over all the dishes placed in front of us….this is my type of Thanksgiving holiday!  Wait, don’t forget a little dancing after the meal!  Yup, the young & old in our family jumps in on this, too.  Doesn’t everyone burn off the calories with the “cha-cha slide”?!? This year I’m sure it will be the “Whip & the Nae, Nae”.

 (Just in case your kids haven’t shown you these new moves feel free to watch below…my treat!)



The Thanksgiving Holiday is my reminder that before the crazy Christmas shopping frenzy begins we can all sit down and appreciate each other for who we are.  Honoring family, loving those around us and making memories are why I consider this to be my favorite holiday.

Is Thanksgiving your favorite holiday, too? Does your family break into a lil’ line dancing after dinner?!? I know my family’s not the only one, right?




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