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Snow Day Bag of Tricks

February 16, 2015

Bring on the Snow!



Out here in N.C. we are preparing to be hit with snow & ice.  Now if you are from this area you know that everything shuts down which means be prepared to be held up in your house for a while.

 If you have kiddos this could be either a wonderful family bonding time or an “I’m gonna pull my hair out” experience.   So, to keep the curls on my head I ran out & picked up a few things.   I didn’t go crazy but needed something new to add to my Mom’s Bag of Tricks….don’t we all have one of those bags?!?  Hee, hee!

Here’s the loot……



Sno-stompers at Target for $6.48.  Great price & kids will love making animal tracks in the snow.  The imprint on the Sno-stompers reminds me of a big ostrich foot.


image (37)

Self-Portrait kits for $3.48 each at Target.  Cheap!  Comes with standing portrait cards, crayons, frames, stickers and yarn for the hair. While the kiddos are creating their portrait I will (ok, they will) be enjoying a sweet treat of Cadbury Mini-Eggs.  If you are fan of these, like myself,  you can’t walk past them without snatching up a bag or two.  Honestly, I am shamefully addicted to these things.  Help!  🙂


Bubbles….“say what!?!”  A little science during a snowday will keep the kiddos mind’s fresh.

Found this on  What Do We Do All Day?  Such a cool idea!  If temps are cold enough have your kiddos blow a bubble, catch it on their stick & it should turn into a frozen bubble.  What Do We Do All Day? also has another technique you can do indoors to create frozen bubbles.  Check it out!  I’ll get back to you and let you know how it goes.




Books for each munchkin to get their “read on”.  🙂


I’m thinking all this stuff should at least keep them busy for about 2 hours!  No, just kidding.   I am hoping to break up our day with a few of these fun things while the snow falls & I keep my eye on the news.

 What’s in your “bag of tricks” for your kiddos on snow days?

Best wishes & stay warm,


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