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Snow Day Freezer Makeover

February 26, 2015


Making More Space….



Ouch! Sorry about that…bad pic of the fridge. 🙁


Since we are going through Snowmagedon here in the South I thought it would be a good idea to clean out our freezer.  This was a perfect task to do before I had to take my munchkins out into the snow.  It only took about an hour to complete the entire project.    Now that I have cleaned things out I don’t have to worry about “freezer traps”.  (Freezer Traps =  those frozen boulders of food packages that roll out of your freezer & hit your foot…ouch!!)

Here’s what I did……

Step 1:  Stand back & shake my head!  :0


Frozen food just waiting to roll out & hit my foot!

Step 2:  Gather my supplies

~Post-It Notes & Coffee, of course! 🙂


~$1 Store Containers


I used 3 clear square containers & 2 4×4 red containers. The red containers came as a pack of 2. Only spent $4 in total!


~P-touch Brother Labelmaker PT-1290


My favorite tool in our house!

~Extra Bag Clips


Step 3:  Remove all food from freezer.  Clean freezer out with the quickness so food doesn’t melt & so I don’t get frostbite.

I even took out the vacuum to suck up the “crumby-crumbs”.

Step 4:  Take inventory of all food and divide & conquer…keep & throw out.  My meats (i.e. ground turkey, chicken breast, etc.) & larger frozen items I keep in our other freezer in the garage.   I had a couple of opened veggie bags, so I used some DIY binder clips I had lying around to keep my bags sealed.

image (43)

Step 5:  Arrange new containers inside freezer & begin organizing foods. I made sure the shelves were not too tightly pack, so I can see what I had.  I used my post-it notes to take note of my food categories.


Step 4:  Used my post-its to reference my categories to make labels using my Labelmaker.


Honestly, I have had this clipboard since high school. So many memories…. 🙂

Step 5:  Step back & admire.  🙂

Lunchbox ice packs in the door for easy access, breakfast foods & breads on top, veggies & yogurt on next shelf, sweets in the drawer & meats below.

Freezer Oraganization


I was inspired by A Bowl Full of Lemons Freezer Makeover to complete this task.  If you want to see some “freezer eye candy” hop on over to her blog & check it out.  You will be amazed!

Not a bad organizational project to complete on a snow day.  Now, if I can only get the rest of my house to look like my freezer then I will be in heaven!

Have you organized or cleaned out a special space in your house that now makes you feel more relaxed?  If so, please share!  I would love to be inspired by your hard work!


Best Wishes,


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