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February 19, 2015

Taking A Leap


Still icy and cold here in the South.  Perfect day to start-up the fireplace….um, that would mean flip the switch to “on” and relax with a quick little DIY.

I know we live in the email, text message, FB and Instagram age but I do love to have fun stationery on hand.  I appreciate and enjoy writing an old school note. 🙂

While on Pinterest I have been eyeing some beautiful embroidery stitching on stationery projects and was inspired to try my hand at it.  Plus I already had all the supplies in reach….can you say “no cost diy”!  Whoop, Whoop!  🙂

  I came across Freckled Nest’s post on Stitching Your Handwriting  and was impressed with her process & the card she made.  Fresh and simple!   This was a great opportunity for me to whip out the sewing box and get to work.

 Disclaimer:  I have a beautiful sewing box but sadly I don’t know how to sew….yet!  My goal to is to learn soon.   I do know how to cross-stitch so I was on the right track.

First I had to come up with a word that I wanted to stitch.  I wanted a word that had meaning and that wasn’t too long because I had to stitch that sucker down.  A word that would inspire……...LEAP!   Many women in my life, including myself, have chosen to take a leap into or out of something amazing or not so amazing.  Whether it be work, family, parenting, relationships or life goals I have seen these women leap into challenges that they now are conquering.  To Leap takes courage, faith, confidence and commitment…..this is what I wanted my hand stitched word to represent.

Here we go…..

(Unfortunately, I realized I didn’t get any pics of the stitching process.  Yikes!  Freckled Nest  gives a very detailed & easy to understand post on back stitching in her blog.  So, if you want the stitching 411 check out her blog!  🙂 )


I enjoyed this process even though I made a few mistakes.  Taking a leap and trying this project was well worth it!

What has been your DIY or life experience LEAP?  Can’t wait to be inspired by you!

Best Wishes,



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