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Summertime Magic: Getting Ready for the Next Big Performance

July 22, 2016

Morning sunshine, mastering the art of front porch sitting, summer cocktails, outdoor romps with the family, early morning runs, blooming flowers, puffy summer clouds, long beach visits…..this is my type of livin’.

Summertime is my season.  I almost feel like I go into hibernation all year long just waiting for this magic to happen.

These summer months are special to me not just because I yearn for a beach vacation, or enjoy a good BBQ or will throw on a pair of shorts, tank top & some flip flops and call that “dressing up”.  Summertime is my January….I shed the old and am ready to start new.  For me, this is when the magic happens.  Energy is up, my mind is fresh, and my hands are ready to create.

Summer 2016 is especially important to me because it is my last summer in my 30’s.  No boohooing or whining going on here.  I, honestly, can’t wait to hit my 40s!  It is a new adventure & new opportunity to grow.  (Did I tell you I’m kinda addicted to “new” or “starting over”?  That might be considered a problem for others, but for me, it is my way to stay positive and “keep it movin’”.)  I’m so blessed that I’ve been surrounded by beautifully seasoned women who have approached or are approaching their 40s with such grace that they inspire me to start my journey.

So, I share this with you because this summer is not a sad goodbye to my 30s.  My 30s have left me with great memories & many lessons.  I entered my 30s having my last child, journeyed into being a SAHM, traveled, watched my children grow, held strong to my friendships, built new friendships and even became a small business owner.  The balancing act has been challenging, but the growth has been amazing.   My 30s have been the opening act for the next big performance….40s, here I come!

If you see yourself in these words I’ve shared and are transitioning to the next “big thing” in this stage of your life know that now is your “opening act” to something great then give yourself the grace you deserve and celebrate your past and move forward to your next big performance.

Get Ready for

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