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Unboxing My ABM “Happy Mail” Box

March 20, 2015

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Let’s Get “Happy”!


A couple of days ago I received my A Beautiful Mess  “Happy Mail” box subscription.  This goodie was right on time because the last couple of weeks I have been having a hard time trying to reve up the creativity.  Is it just me or does anyone else out there feel the same way?  I am blaming it on the time change!  🙂


As you know I joined the A Beautiful Mess Stationery Club last month because I love, love, love snail mail & unique cards, postcards, stickers, notepads, etc…I love it all!  Last months box contained gorgeous & fun pieces.  (If you haven’t seen it take a look at my previous post here.)   However, that ABM crew knocked it out the park this month.  Take a look at the pieces I received…..


The bright colors in each of these pieces reminds me of Spring.  I really do enjoy the gold font that the ABM ladies have used in the “You Got This” card.   Honestly, this card says it all…encouragement, strength & trust….sometimes we need to send a little love to the ones in our lives who are going through “stuff” as I like to call it.


“Don’t Stop. Get it, Get it!”….enough said!!! Perfect postcard! 🙂


Again, with the gold font & polka dots…perfect & fun!


Now, look at these additional goodies that came in the box.  I sheet of sticker tabs for files, a shopping list & neon colored tags.  I know I can put each of these to good use in my home office.  The categories on the shopping list are just right.  There is even a space for “snacks & sweets”….a must have in my house.  The only thing this notepad is missing is a magnet on the back to hang on the fridge.  However, if I pull out my trusty glue gun I can just hot glue a magnet strip on the back…easy peasy!


If you have anyone in your life that is an animal lover these are the cards for them!  Look at the front & back of the card.  So cute!


Now this is my VERY favorite piece that came in this month’s “Happy Mail” subscription box.  A beautiful print with a Maya Angelou quote in gold (of course!) font against the hues of blue is an inspirational reminder to me to keep working hard towards finding creativity in everyday life.


If you are interested in getting happy with a “Happy Mail” box subscription hop on over to A Beautiful Mess and check it out.   This is my second box and I am enjoying every piece & trying to challenge myself to send out one piece every two weeks.  I can’t just hoard all these cards….I have to spread the love!  

Hee, hee! 🙂

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