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What inspires your “Mommy Hustle”?

May 16, 2015

After the mad rush of Mother’s Day & trying to fit in all the activities of the day.  (Anyone else had a soccer game on Mother’s Day besides me?!?  Yup, every year…it’s a tradition…deflated “Yay”!)  I took a minute to reflect on what I really want for my kids and where my energy & motivation in parenting comes from.

Sometimes I find the rush of our daily activities can cloud my drive to parent and external factors (ie: sports, school or social expectations) can quickly become my motivation.   I did a little self-reflection then asked some of my experts (you know those Mommies you check in with when the craziness happens) to help a sista’ out.

I posed a question, “In 3 Words What Inspires You As a Mom?”  Now, even though I asked them to share their 3 words the only 3 words that came to mind were the 3 phrases I say frequently in my house, “Cut It Out!“, “Go To Bed!” or “Pull It Together!”….Yikes!  I decided to rephrase the question, “What Inspires You As a Mom…In 3 Words or More“.

So, my expert team so graciously took the time to go above & beyond and share their most personal & heartfelt thoughts on Motherhood. These expert Mommies range from new moms, to seasoned moms, international moms, to local moms, working moms, SAHM, bloggers, entrepreneurs, motivators & community activists…. all from different areas & a variety of cultures.  The beauty is that these women juggle it all while still trying to raise their children.  With this said I asked each of them to share their “Mommy Hustle” (no, this ain’t no dance…hee, hee!).  A “Mommy Hustle” (well, at least in this post) is the juggle we do to include motherhood and the other activities or joys we have in life that makes us who we are.

So, sit back & grab your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy these honest thoughts on Motherhood..



“Mommy Hustle……Mom + Yogi + Naturalist + Book Lover + Seeker of Good Fun

“For me, my three words would be “Always Seeking Balance.””
Balance between being rigid and permissive.
Balance between making sure my kids have enough but not too much stuff.
Balance between knowing technology and not making it the main part of life.
Balance between teaching and coaching but not interfering with the business of figuring things out on their own.
Balancing on that thin line of encouraging but not pushing them into new things.
Balancing healthy eating with stuff that tastes good so they don’t feel deprived.
Balance between making sure they have enough to eat but wanting them to know what real hunger feels like.
Balancing wanting to make my boys show compassion and be sensitive but also teach them how to know their rights and stand up for themselves.
Balancing making sure they are busy enough with extra curricular activities but not feeling overwhelmed.
Balancing helping them grow up and wanting to keep them little.”

“And so much more. Always seeking that elusive sense of balance for me and for them.
And for me its balancing the ever-present feelings of wanting to research and improve my mothering with relaxing and knowing they will probably turn out just fine.”



“Mommy Hustle”….QueenPIBE + Sweatlovin’ + KaraokeLovin’ + Beach Lovin’ + Family Lovin’ Mama

(Check out Small Hands Big Hearts United, an amazing volunteer organization she started to help our youth give back in their communities.)

 “As a mother, it is the instinctively compassionate words spoken by children that inspire me day after day.  These instinctively compassionate words inspire me to always strive to be a kind and more compassionate mother, friend and also just a kind and more compassionate person in general.”

“Children will be children.  They are always learning right from wrong and battling a range of emotions from their innocent interpretations of life.  Yes, we hear bickering and many un-pleasantries throughout the day by our children. However, as parents we also hear instinctively compassionate words from one child to the other when “unintentionally eavesdropping” at random places like the car, a park, a play date, the grocery store in the movie theatre when they speaking to one another and to other children.”

“We are indeed here to teach our children to be compassionate.  However, in so many ways they teach and remind us daily how to compassionately act and react towards others.  Something we also instinctively did in our younger years.  We had fewer wrinkles and more patience at that time, but it was just as instinctive and beautiful.”

“As a Mother, when i witness this instinctive compassion I am inspired and it causes my own compassion to receive a “HEAVY and MUCH NEEDED DOSE” of nourishment.  I am in absolute awe every day as I witness Moms & Dads nurturing the instinctive compassion that they also see in their children’s hearts.  I believe that when we become a Mother, we are blessed with an infinite and heavy dose of compassion and love to give to our children.  However, it is our children that remind us daily that his infinite heavy dose of compassion is for them but also given to us to continue to show to others that we encounter day after day.”

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 Mommy Hustle”….Wine Lover + Working Mom + Adventure Seeker + Pilot’s Wife + Foodie + Book Lover + 100% all day everyday + Spa Enthusiast

“What inspires me as a mom is the need/desire to raise compassionate kids who will grow up to be content in whatever their circumstance.”



“Mommy Hustle”… Army of One + Wonder Woman + God Seeker + Soca Queen + Corporate Grind

For me motherhood was an intentional decision and a deep calling I needed to answer.  My inspiration comes from my mother, who laid her life down for her children, sacrificially each day.  She still does so.  For her, there is no job more rewarding or fulfilling. I am inspired to be part of something bigger than myself and from the first moment I laid my eyes on Aksel Jeriah Ward my universe was amplified.

I am inspired by an inexplicable force that spurs me onward when there is nothing left to give.  Be that, the “divine” in me or an external infusion of energy from the single smile and touch of a child – I’m not sure.  One thing I do know is that, only motherhood can awaken that drive.  There is a scripture that says, “Women will be saved through child bearing”. I never understood what that meant before now.  Now I understand that the scripture has less to do with salvation and more to do with God’s love. You see, I thought I knew how much God loved me because he gave his only son to die for me (John 3:16).  However, it is only after having a son of my own, I realize that what God did, I could never do, because of how much I love the child he gave to me.

I am inspired to love, protect, cherish and guard the precious creation that God gave me, because I know God loves me even more that the human love that grows within me daily for my son.  It is because of that…I cherish my angel sent to me from heaven and pray every day that I don’t have to wake up from this dream.  I still pinch myself at times because he seems too good to be true, so I make each moment count.  For this reason I charge onward in constant fervor and passion with my Ax.



“Mommy Hustle“….Psychological Evaluator, + Coffee/Wine Dependent + Lover of Dance + Good Music+ Books + Lover of Learning & Authenticity

“I have always envisioned I’d be a mother one day. I never looked at it as a job but rather an important role with many responsibilities. Since having my daughter I have always said being a mother is the hardest and most loving job I have ever held! What keeps me motivated and inspired to be the best mother I can be is being an example of strength, perseverance, respectability and genuineness for her. I cherish and value my role in her life and I’m thankful to witness her life journey as she has enriched mine.”



20150503_102214 (1)


“Mommy Hustle“…Working mom + Traveling Enthusiast + Grateful Christian

“Figure out what your child’s love language is and give it often. Watching them react to it is priceless.”




“Mommy Hustle”Mom + Wife + Jesus Follower + Fitness Instructor + Book Enthusiast + Music Lover + Dancer + Misplaced Texan

(Check out her awesome Fitness & Nutrition Tips over at Momma Bear Fitness.)

“I have heard two really great quotes lately that summed up part of me concerning motherhood.”

Quote #1….”I was a great parent until I became one.”

“OH MY GOSH, doesn’t that hit the nail on the head?  We all knew how we were going to be as parents when we didn’t have children!  We saw “those kids” in public and quietly felt sorry for the parents as they struggled and wondered how their home life was because we knew, FOR SURE, ours would be different.  Enter Baby, Erase perfectly planned life!  Now I just try to get through the day being at their beck and call, kissing booboos, breaking up tiffs, changing movies, pouring chocolate milk etc.   And through it all, secretly, I pray it isn’t the last time because I know I’ll miss these simple yet loving requests from them once they learn to do them all on their own.”

Quote #2….”My children aren’t in my way, they are my way.”

“I am humbled as a mother daily, sure I get frustrated, scared, mad, happy, excited, loved and tired. I go through everything every other mother does. I have to remind myself that #1 my littles are on loan from God to me to raise for Him. That is something that I have to remember – they are mine, a gift, formed perfectly at His will and through all the emotions I need to treat them as such. Now I am not going to get creepy on you 🙂 I do let them listen to music I probably shouldn’t, we do laugh and have a lot of fun, we watch movies and quote them daily; so, it isn’t all Bible scripture over here. However, I have to remember the because if not I just might LOSE IT!”


“Mommy Hustle”….Wife, Expat, Mommy, Blogger and Jewelry Stylist

Check her out on her fun & thoughtful blog, Southern Sass & Style.

“So in 3 words or less, what does being a Mommy Mean? Geez that is a hard one…God’s Grace Personified is what comes to mind. You have no idea when you endeavor on being a Mommy, the depth of love you will have, the forgiveness you will have and the gratitude you will have. Yes, periodically you forget and fall into patterns, but when you pause, and just glance above the moment, you see these two little miracles that are nothing but grace in a living breathing format, for which I am humbly grateful.”

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 “Mommy Hustle”Traveler + Foodie + Clothes Hog + Good Friend + Avid Reader + Women’s Rights Enthusiast +  Family CEO + Available Shoulder to Lean On + Wannabe Gardener. 

“Now more than ever, raising children who can think beyond themselves and who will be kind and empathetic global citizens.”







“Mommy Hustle”… F/T Working Mom+Nature Lover+Foodie+A smidge of messy know-it-all

“Snuggles & cuddles.”
“Seeing changes, growth and learning in my kiddos everyday.”
“Figuring out how to get belly laughs.”


 “Mommy Hustle”… Kingdom Minded + Planner Girl + Trash to Treasure + Owl Obsessed + Runner

(Check out her amazingly creative Instagram page here!)

“When I look into my daughter’s eyes, I see this little person looking to me for instruction and direction. Seeing how she admires me and imitates me. Inspires me to be the best Mother I can be.  Knowing that she is watching my every move and assessing daily to how I respond to everyday situations and circumstances. Inspires me so much! It makes me not only a better mother, but an overall better person. It is a blessing when God blesses us to be mothers whether biological, adopted, or inherited. Our Children are a blessing and from the 1st day they are entrusted to us, with their little eyes, they are watching. Therefore, be inspired to give them something GREAT to impersonate.”





 “Mommy Hustle”… Mom + Realtor + Everything Else In Between

“Expect nothing and appreciate everything.”





“Mommy HustleGroup Fitness Instructor + Motivation Coach + Christian + Decorator

(Check out her fun, energetic & empowering Zumba classes over at Zumba With Tameka.)

“What inspires me as a mom is that even though I did not physically birth my son Austin, I feel a super connection to him as if I did. After 10 years of yearning and wanting so much to be a mom; God choose me to be Austin’s mom. It’s such an overwhelming gift that I’ve often cried at the thought of how blessed I am. Needless to say God is my biggest inspiration and Austin; the gift he gave my husband and I inspire me to be better everyday.”



“Mommy Hustle”… Loving all things Coffee + Shopping

“My 3 words “Always be JOYFUL”

“I have to tell myself and my kids this everyday because it is very easy for us to complain about things we cannot control and to get mad about things that do not matter. Being joyful takes work and you have to make it a habit.”

“One book that has inspired me is Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst…….making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions.”

Last but not least…


Me (Tiffani)

“Mommy Hustle”… SAHM + Blogger + Paper Hoarder + Soccer Mom + Chocolate Addict + Planner Girl + Down for Fitness + Stationery Lover + Habitual Procrastinator + Mini-Van Music Bumpin’ Mama

My 3 things….Teaching my children how to love unconditionally, instilling in them the confidence to take life’s leaps while still being humble enough to ask for guidance.  These are the missions that inspire me as a Mother.

However, my mission not only is driven by the goals I have for my children, but also by the amazing examples of endearing love I see within these ladies here in this post & others around me.  We are a community of Mothers who are preparing our little ones to create and build a world where they, too, will use the lessons they have learned and impart it onto their children.

So, our motherly mission is greater than the little hearts before us.

Our mission will continue to grow and live in the legacy that our children create for their children & so on.

So, mothers your “Mommy Hustle” is strong & whatever you might be juggling know you are not alone.

  You never know….you could be inspiring another mother right next to you.

A huge thank you to the inspiring Mothers that contributed to today’s post.  Their generosity, honesty and support are gifts that I am truly grateful for.  🙂

What is your “Mommy Hustle” and what inspires you to be a great Mother?  Please leave a comment I’m waiting to be inspired by you! 🙂

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  • Michelle @ Sunshine and Hurricanes May 18, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    This is such an inspirational post! I loved seeing all the moms and their families and something each woman said resonated with me! I try to keep the big picture in front of me, especially on days when the little details and endless laundry and messy house overwhelm my senses. The days are long, the years are quick, someday, we’ll miss it all….or so I’m told! 🙂

    • All Inspired Mom May 21, 2015 at 1:43 am

      Oh, you are SO right! The moments go by so quickly & I am going to have to learn to slow down & really cherish them all. I think this post so far has been my fav to share because every Mom was so gracious to share her heart & beliefs. Thank you so much for stopping by A.I.M. & take care! 🙂

  • Amy at Mom's Magical Miles May 18, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Some very wise words! I always try to remember that when I send my kids out into the world, they are a reflection of our family’s values. What do I want them to teach others about my family?

    • All Inspired Mom May 21, 2015 at 1:41 am

      Wow, I love this! I am going to share this with my family. Our children are a reflection of our household & what we teach them. Will be interesting to hear what my children would want to teach others about our family. Such a great advice…thank you so much & thank you for stopping by A.I.M.! 🙂

  • Susan Mahlburg May 18, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    Re: soccer game on Mother’s Day, my little tikes aren’t at that level yet, but we did have gymnastics class. Before we went, I questioned whether we would see any other classmates there (surely there was a mistake in the schedule?) but was surprised that everyone showed! We also live in a college town, and graduation is ALWAYS on Mother’s Day Weekend. Traffic congestion, and IMPOSSIBLE to get around.

    • All Inspired Mom May 21, 2015 at 1:39 am

      OMG! Hee, hee….your Mother’s Day sounded even more chaotic than mine. It still shocks me that there are games on Mother’s Day even though I know way in advance & my husband is a coach. However, what made it special this year is the other soccer moms & myself brought a picnic blanket & brunch items and had our own “party” while games were going on. Very funny, but that will be one of my fav memories! Thank you so much for stopping by A.I.M. & take care! 🙂

  • Echo May 23, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    Great stories! Thank you for sharing them at the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup!

    • All Inspired Mom May 24, 2015 at 12:50 am

      Oh, wow! Thank you SO much for coming over from the linkup! This means so much because I really did love sharing this post. Thank you for stopping by A.I.M. & take care! 🙂