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Wild Flour – Cupcake Shop on Wheels

September 14, 2015
Wild Flour Organic, a cupcake food truck.

Did you say “Cupcakes”?

 I am a huge fan of food trucks (check out my last Food Truck adventure) and sweets, cupcakes being at the top of my list.  When I heard that my dear friend, Christine, was  combining two of my favorite things I had to jump in on the FUN!  Stay for a bit and check out her food truck, Wild Flour Organic ……. the cutest cupcake shop on wheels!

The Women Behind “Wild Flour Organic”

Before I tell you about Wild Flour Organic you need to know about the woman behind the biz.  I met Christine in kickboxing class a couple of years ago….we are both cardio-kickboxing junkies.   She always has the most joyful spirit and is ready to support and encourage a fellow Mom…plus she has a mean right hook.  Along with this I’ve  known that Christine was a phenomenal baker.  Everyone was always raving about how delicious her cupcakes were…even the instructors were giving her shout outs in class.  So when I found out a year ago that she was starting a food truck I couldn’t wait to be there on opening day.  You know when you watch someone’s dream/passion come into fruition you can’t dare miss it.

Check out  Wild Flour Organic’s debut at the Peak Lab Rescue event this summer.  Christine even donated a portion of her earnings to the event to help her 4 legged friends.  I love a business that #GivesBack!


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Cupcakes & lots lots more…

Wild Flour Organic a mobile bakery featuring cupcakes and other baked goods.

Christine, owner & baker at Wild Flour Organic. She is always making folks happy!

Want to know what Wild Flour Organic is all about?  Christine was nice enough (told you she’s awesome!) to sit down with me before kickboxing class, of course, and chat about her business.


How do you describe Wild Flour Organic?

Wild Flour Organic is a mobile bakery specializing in organic baked goods such as cupcakes, brownies, blondies, cookies, etc.  Everything I make at Wild Flour Organic is made from scratch, nothing processed. I  work hard to make goods that everyone can enjoy so all of our things are nut free, dairy free and gluten free. Using our farmer’s markets to find organic produce when it is in season is important to me along with supporting our local farmers.

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The inspiration behind Wild Flour Organic….Christine’s Grandmother.

Who first inspired you to bake & how did your business begin?

As a kid I always baked in our kitchen with my Grandmother.  My Grandmother used to tell me, “You always want to do everything yourself.”  That followed me into adulthood.  My Grandmother was the biggest influence to me.  Plus, I always enjoyed eating what we baked.  I started seriously baking once my kid’s went off to school and I no longer wanted to go back to an office job.  I made that transition and went with my passion…baking.  I started baking for fun for friends then it transitioned to a small business baking for kid’s parties then home parties.  I enjoyed baking more than anything and I’ve been doing it now for over 4 years.

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What made you transition to a food truck?

I originally bought the trailer for extra kitchen space.  As I went through the process of cleaning it up and putting it together I began seeing it blossom into something more than just extra kitchen space or a bakery on wheels.  Going back and forth to food truck rodeos inspired me into thinking that this could be more that what it was.

Wild Flour Organic mobile bakery featuring cupcakes and other baked goods.

Cookies & Cream Cupcake by Wild Flour Organic

Quote from Wild Flour Organic mobile bakery.

A quote from inside Wild Flour Organic’s Food Truck…words to live by!

What’s some advice you’d give to other moms looking to start a business?

Find what you really love & enjoy and play off of that. Don’t give up on it find the time to do it, whether at night or in carpool line.  (I love this advice…carpool line is my “power hour”!)  Take advantage of every moment you have to mold your dream; don’t give up, “keep fortitude” …forge ahead.  Don’t let anyone else tell you you can’t because you can….you absolutely can!  Your dream will become a reality, sometimes it takes time, but don’t give up.  If there is a need or want then fulfill the need. …we all want cupcakes, right?!?

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What do you do outside of baking that brings you joy?

Spending time with my family, working out, boxing, running my girls to dance classes or school concerts…you know, doing the Mommy-thing.

I am so excited to be able to share Wild Flour Organic here over at A.I.M.   Wild Flour’s organic baked goods are absolutely delicious and knowing that everything is carefully made from scratch and with natural ingredients will make you want to divulge in more tasty goodies.  Add to it the fun of having your cupcake, blondie or big cookie served from a food truck….wow, this has got to be best way to enjoy any type of sweet treat!   From red velvet cupcakes, to “crazy for coconut” cupcakes, to blueberry crumble bars to cookies & cream cupcakes there is something for everyone.

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If you are looking for some scrumptious family fun then stay connected with Wild Flour Organic on Facebook.  Keep a look out for Wild Flour Organic at your next food truck rodeo or festival….treat yourself to some goodness & don’t forget to bring a couple more home to share.



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