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World Market Haul

March 21, 2015


 “Having my Cake & Eating It, Too!”


One word…YUM! 12 oz. bag was $7.99 on sale. Porcelain zodiac mug was $9.99.

I posted this on my Instagram last weekend.  When I saw Carrot Cake coffee advertised at my local World Market I had to swing by & try this out.  Cake and coffee….sounded like a winner to me!  There were only 3 bags left when I was there & I wish I had purchased all three.  The coffee was delicious and would have made perfect easter gifts for family or friends.

Not only did the coffee catch my eye, but this porcelain zodiac sign cup was a must have. (Scorpios in the house!)   So, you know I had to treat myself & purchase a new mug to go along with the perfect cup of coffee!

Okay, I confess that it is so difficult for me to walk through World Market without stopping by the jewelry & accessories section.  For me it is like a little vacation as I look at each piece…..imagining myself shopping in a small tropical village!  (Yup, I am in desperate need of a vaca!)  So, when I saw these large gold beaded hoops & matching stretch bangles I had to swoop them up.  Plus, they were the last ones on the rack.  Whoop, whoop!

image (49)

Hoops were $4.99 & bracelet was $5.99…not bad for a little bit of bling! 🙂


The coffee, mug & a little bit of bling made me SO happy.  Sometimes, we need to take the time to treat ourselves to the little things.  My World Market haul was definitely one of those times.

How do you treat yourself during your shopping visits to your fav store?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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